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If you get the win32 invalid application error then please download this:


Auto Aim – Full is a feature where the aimbot will auto detect the location of the enemy and shoot right away.

Auto Aim – Semi is a feature where the aimbot will auto detect the location of the enemy and shoot 50% of the time.

All these features can be used to improve your skills in Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3.

You can discover more features and the activation key combos in the text file called “Info.txt” In the folder of your stealth patch program.

Note: Stealth patching your profile simply means that the admins of the game cannot find out that you are hacking.


Backyard Monsters – Shiny Hack 2012 – Cheat Engine

Backyard Monsters – Shiny Hack 2012 – Cheat Engine




Credits: Backyard Monsters is a Facebook game developed by Casual Collective


Backyard Monsters is a popular and fast growing new Facebook game of the 'tower defense' genre, taking a genre that has been made popular by Desktop Tower Defense, and building upon it to make a much more in depth, yet still easy-to-play and very addicting game.

Crossfire Hacks 2012 Aimbot, Wallhack and More – 100% Undetected


Sniper Crosshair
No Reload
Perfect No Recoil/Spread
No Change Delay
No Weapon Weight
Max Range
No Zoom Overlay
No Grenade Damage
No Fall Damage | NEW
See Ghosts
Mini Crouch Speed | NEW
Mini L.Shift Speed | NEW
NEW | Mega Weapon Hack:
M16 = M4A1-Stripes
Dualuzi = Dualuzi-Tiger
M4A1 = M4A1-Bronze
Kriss = Kriss-Tiger
Mp5 = Mp5-Adv.
Awm = Awm-RD
M700 = Dragunov
Colt = Dual Colt
Deagle = Deagle-Tiger
Grenade = FC-Grenade

Europe version: Undetected

North America Version: Undetected

Download WinInject

  • ALT+F1 for aimbot
  • ALT+F2 for chams
  • ALT+F3 for player glow
  • ALT+F4 for no smoke
  • ALT+F5 for box esp

LOT of people have been asking me how to make the hack work and the functions of it, I don’t know what’s so difficult about it when it explains everything on ‘Read Me’ text document!

If you don’t have the C++ Redistributable Package from Microsoft, here are the downloads:


For x64 & x32 bit Computers:


For x86 bit Computers:

WWE 12 Hack For XBOX360 – Free Download

First You Will Need To Download WWE12 Hack Too , Modio and WinRar if You Don't have one installed on your computer and the watch tutorial bellow. The WWE12 Hack Tool and Modio are in same archive.

NBA 2K12 Money Hack Tutorial – Using Cheat Engine

First you will need to download Cheat Engine Code for the Money and Cheat Engine.

You can download both (Cheat Engine and Money Hack Code ) by clicking on the button bellow and the watch the video how to use hack.



NBA 2K12 My Player Hack Xbox 360 (Flash Drive) Overall 99 – Free Download




Fixed weight
Fixed Uncap

Max SP and Lower SP
* Click SP via tool > It should Save the file > Rehash & Resign > Max Up Attributes & Abilities via game > which equal 99 Overall.

*Open save file via tool and click lower SP at top of tool to lower SP > It should Save the file > Rehash & Resign > load save file via xbox.

NBA Mod Kit

NBA Generator

Update Tool
* To update SE click update via tool > it should download new tool > Replace old tool with new tool. Make sure the folder contains packageio.dll and devcomponents.dotnetbar2.dll or the tool wont open.

How to open .rar
*Download .rar  and open it up in winrar(google it) and extract the whole folder to desktop.Make sure the folder contains packageio.dll and devcomponents.dotnetbar2.dll or the tool wont open.Double click tool to open it.Load save file adjust accordingly.

NBA MY PLAYERS: L.James NBA  MP & Dwayne Wade NBA MP

Battlefield 3 Hacks – Aimbot. Wallhack, ESP and more

Aimbot Features:

Auto Fire
Aimbot No Recoil
Aimbot No Spread
Selectable Aimkey
Prediction Modifier
Aim At You Aimbot
Advanced Bone Aimbot
Rage/Friends List Aimbot
Aim At: Enemy,Team Or Both
Aim At Visible Enemies Only
Adjustable Max Aim Distance
Select From 19 Different Bones
AimMode: Fov, Screen Or Distance
Aimbot Indicator By CrossHair Color


    Name ESP
    Bone ESP
    Class ESP
    2d Box ESP
    3d Box ESP
    Distance ESP
    Enemy Aim Warning
    Custom CrossHair Size
    Custom CrossHair Color


      And Introducing SATAN MODE

      Kills all enemies on the map with the push of a button. Just push your Aimkey and watch them drop.


        Warrock Hack – V.I.P Public Hook – Aimbot, Wallhack and Much More

        Version: 3.3 Public


        Warrock Hack – V.I.P Public Hook – Aimbot, Wallhack and Much More

        MW3 SP Trainer 1.05 and 1.06 – Free Download

        It has the following features:

        No Reload – Unlimited ammo and you never need to reload.
        Unlimited Ammo – Unlimited ammo.
        Unlimited Nades – Unlimited equipment. (frags, 9bangs etc.)
        God Mode – Bullets and small explosions can't hurt you, but other things can still kill you.
        1 Shot 1 Kill – Kill any enemy with 1 shot. (does not work on choppers etc.) It has the same effect on you.

        Spec Ops:
        XP Hack – Write your current amount of XP and click "Current XP". Then write the amount of XP you want and click the button again. This does not work every time and the more XP you have when try to do it, the more likely it is to work. You can get more info by clicking the X next to the feature.
        LVL Hack – Click "Prepare LVL" while in a Spec Ops mission and then write the LVL you want to be on and click the button again.
        Money Hack – Click "Prepare Money" while in a Spec Ops mission and then write how much money you want and click the button.
        Weapon Hack – Select what weapon you want and which of the 3 weapon slots you want it in. Then go buy ammo.

        Crosshair – Displays a crosshair on the screen.
        Show Health – Shows your current health on the screen. Hold the mouse where you want it to be and click Z + J. You can also choose how big you want it to be.
        Address Finder – You only need to scan for addresses once per update.

        More features are coming.

        1. Start trainer and the game(order doesn't matter).
        2. Click "Find Addresses" located in the "Other" tab.
        3. Enter a campaign or spec ops mission.
        4. Turn on the features you want and you are done.

        The second time you use the trainer you can skip step two.

        MW3 SP Trainer 1.05 and 1.06

        NEW MW3 Texture Hack – [ Permanent VAC Safe ] – FINAL UPDATE

        * This is a Texture Hack , wich does not crashes the game look so much :)
        * Black Camo (" classic") & White Camo ("urban")



        How to Install:
        1. Download and extract the files
        2. Put .iwi files from folders inside iw_00.iwd – iw_06.iwd in your mw3/main folder
        Note: you must put ONLY .iwi files and put them INSIDE the IMAGES folder inside the .iwd files
        Do NOT put folders inside

        Virus scan